Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Raining - Cooking Classes - Thank You!

It's raining hard. Not good to work wet soil, especially if it's high in clay, so, today's gardening classes have been rescheduled. Email me if you need more info at

I'm excited about the cooking classes starting this Friday the 12th at 6pm - 8:30pm in Silverlake. What's on the menu? Winter Garden Supper with wild greens (arugula, mizuna, etc.) and seasonal fruit (blood orange and grapefruit), winter squash soup, sorrel pesto on pasta and salmon. $48. Bring your favorite apron! contact me at 323-644-3700 if you'd like to take part.

We're in the news this week. Read about my flowers breaking the law on NPR's website in an article entitled "Urban Farmers Fight Nationwide To Sow Green Biz". The Associated Press wrote the story published 2/5. Visit to help change the law.

You'll see the flowers that helped perpetrate my crime in this month's issue of Sunset Magazine. Coral von Zumwalt did a beautiful job of capturing them, so much so it makes me want to cry.

What hasn't come through yet in all of the media surrounding what happened to my flowers, and probably never will, is the interesting microcosm of hypocrisy and double standards on my street. It makes my stomach turn but I realize, it's irrelevant. It's just an interesting insight into human nature, that's all. A reality check. People are people. Fortunately for me, the ones I know are good and kind and caring. Also fortunate is that I can continue farming. (Our biodynamic compost is nearly ready for rows 1 thru 14. Then we start planting vegetables, and I'm thrilled about that!)

Thank you shareholders and volunteers for bringing rays of sunshine to a rainy pick-up in Silverlake yesterday. (see previous post for list of veggies and Shelley's recipe).

Sunita brought hot chocolate, Allison brought compost and cookies, Morgan brought Kombucha drinks, Celia and Paul brought lemons to share, and Tamar brought jeans to revive my dying wardrobe. Thank you!

Molly, Jenny and Elizabeth helped distribute veggies. Thank you ladies! You were like an episode of Josie and the Pussycats - with turnip tops and mustard greens!

Love, Tara

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