Friday, September 3, 2010

A Salad of Dandelion Greens

I quit smoking two weeks ago today. Craig Underwood of Underwood Family Farms says as long as I don't smoke, he'll give us a discount. Deal! So if you notice your bags bulging with a little more produce now, you know why... And the dots in my ears - acupuncture - to help me quit - Thank you Michael Fox!

Here's what we had at pick-up today.

From Farmer John:

Rainbow chard
dandelion greens
bunch of carrots
bunch of mixed herbs (sage, thyme, sweet marjoram)
big bunch of cilantro
romaine lettuce head
bag of peppers
patty pan squashes
garlic chives

From Underwood:

bunch of purple carrots
bunch of Japanese turnips
Romaine lettuce head
blue lake green beans
yellow seedless watermelon
specialty Ambrosia melon
large classic eggplant
brandywine heirloom tomato
bi-color corn
celebrity tomato


Wash and dry dandelion greens
cut bunch in half
dress plate(s) with dandelion greens

sprinkle dried cranberries from Trader Joes over the dandelion greens

get some goat cheese ready - crumble it up on a plate and have it ready...

in a frying pan, sprinkle almond slivers from Trader Joes, heat up a lot of them
keep an eye on them, cos they turn brown fast

when they're ready, sprinkle the almond slivers over the cranberries, then sprinkle the goat cheese over that. The cheese should melt a bit from the heat of the nuts.

Then drizzle salad dressing over the top.

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