Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beachwood Canyon pick-up 3/16

Here's what Farmer John had for us at the Beachwood Canyon pick-up this week. Last week we had lots of greens. Farmer John is famous for his greens. This week we had more root crops - great for roasting (turnips and beets).

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Thanks as always to John Allen and Laura Garcia for volunteering to distribute veggies at the pick-up. Spencer is studying hard these days.... Go Spencer! We miss you...

arugula + flowers - all edible!
red and golden beets
fresh garlic
chrysanthemum leaves AKA Japanese Ssukgat (see below)
Japanese cucumbers
broccoli + leaves - all edible!
red/green adolescent romaine
curly mustard (sautee with chrysanthemum leaves)

From Wikipedia:
Chrysanthemum leaves are popular in Korean traditional soups, stews, hot pots, and casseroles, Cantonese cuisine, especially in the cuisine of Hong Kong, and in the Japanese in Nabemono . Overcooking should be avoided and it is recommended to add it at the last moment to hot pot since it easily loses the structure. The leaves are an important ingredient in Taiwanese Oyster omelettes and, when young, are used along with stems to flavor soup and stir-fry.

And from

Chrysanthemum leaves may be prepared by serving fresh or by steaming, blanching, or sautéing the greens and stems. Overcooking however, will produce a bitter tasting flavor, so maintain a lower heat and cook until tender and lightly tangy in taste.



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