Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Cherry Blossoms...

Watching stone fruit trees wake up from winter dormancy is always a beautiful sight. This year, our low chill cherry trees are blooming for the first time. Their blooms are white (see picture). Gorgeous.

On the peach trees, powdery pastel pink blossoms that covered branches a few weeks ago are gone now, and in their place, teeny little fruits are appearing amidst new leafy growth. Our new quince tree is waking up too with soft furry, silvery leaves and buds showing a hint of orange color. Can't wait to see the quince bloom in full!

Here's what Farmer John had for us at the Beachwood Canyon pick-up this week. Thank you to John and Bella - the "nettle support" team!

Baby bok choy
adolescent lettuce mix (bag)
fresh garlic
Italian dandelion (pictured)

My next post will be all about nettles. Shareholders have been sending in recipes. Thank you so much!



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