Monday, April 26, 2010

More Jam....

I just read Shelley's post on Loquat Jam yesterday so I thought I'd post some pics from Saturday's class, when Shelley taught us how to make strawberry jam. It was really fun. I think I'm going to grow more strawberries. I have a couple of bales of peat moss in the garage....

Speaking of fruit, I saw Jed today. After what happened to Forage, he's going to take a bit more time before he officially launches his Tree Share program. He's got some more researching to do. We're a bit confused at the moment.

We all thought that City Planning's Truck Gardening Ordinance allows gardeners in residential zones in LA City to sell their vegetables off-site. So there must be some other law at the Health Department that overwrites both the Truck Gardening Ordinance and the department of Food & Ag. Will the same kind of thing that happened to Forage over vegetables, happen with fruit even after the Truck Gardening Ordinance is officially clarified? Perhaps not if every single person choosing to sell what they grow becomes a certified producer through Food & Ag but who knows. I guess we'll soon find out.

At any rate, this movement is really shaking things up. Some things are being defined right now that are paving the way for the future. It's like we're making jam. It's 220 degrees hot in the pot, and things are starting to thicken up....

What do you want to do with all that fruit in your garden?


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