Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CSA Recipes From the Lovely Jodi

Tara and Willow and your lovely friend Sophia,

Thank you so much for distributing all of the delicious produce today!
I was thrilled that I was the recipient of an extra bunch of zucchini flowers.
I used the recipe on the blog, amended it by stuffing the flowers with mozzarella and gave the second batch to my neighbors next door.

Motto for the day - One good turn deserves another!

X Jodi
sauteed kale w/hot red pepper, cumin seeds + coriander
organic cornmeal crusted zucchini flowers
stuffed with mozzarella - ready for the frying pan...
frying the mozzarella stuffed zucchini flowers
fried zucchini flowers draining
arugula w/french blue cheese, baby zucchini
(from the stem of the flower), lemon peel, lemon + olive oil
Thanks Jodi! You Rock!


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