Friday, August 13, 2010

Bread is here !!

Shelley is on a road trip with Dave up north. Are you having fun Shelley?

She's posting a recipe from up there.


Here's what we got this week:

BREAD !! Mark delivered freshly baked loaves of bread to shareholders who signed up for his Community Supported Boulangerie program. Thanks to everyone who signed up. Mark's bread is a delicious and wholesome addition to the CSA. Love it!!

Seeds arrived today, and on Monday, Bruce and Rachel start sowing micro greens for the CSA. More about that soon.

Here's our produce list:

From Farmer John:

white eggplants
dandelion greens
zucchini blossoms
golden zucchinis
cherry tomatoes
negi onions
red chard
mixed herbs (sage, thyme, sweet marjoram)
tuscan kale
bell peppers

From Underwood:

fairy tale eggplants (see pic above)
round carrots
red leaf lettuce
Sharlyn melons
Galia melons
celebrity tomatoes (today's celebrity: Javier Bardem - for no particular reason other than he just popped into my head)
Valencia oranges (great for juicing)
zucchini squashes
bell peppers in assorted colors (pictured)

Thank you shareholders and see you next Friday!!


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