Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Projects at Silver Lake Farms

News from the farm: a couple of new projects are underway. We started growing micro-greens for the CSA. Bruce Chan and Rachel Klein (pictured) sowed the first batch of radish seeds yesterday. The plan is to harvest these on Friday in time for CSA pick-up. Bruce and Rachel are in charge of seed selection too. Once the radishes are harvested (just the cotyledons), they'll sow pak choy seeds for the next harvest. Exciting!!

Meanwhile, development of a new growing ground for flowers is underway in Glassell Park. I'll tell the full story here soon. Now that the law has changed and growing flowers in residential zones for sale off-site is legal in the City of LA (yay!) I'm back to growing cut flowers. The Glassell Park site is a pretty big undertaking. I feel overwhelmed sometimes by the task at hand. Thank goodness for some amazing people who have chipped in to help these past few months.

On Sunday, Bill Disselhorst, Jenny McNabb, Sunita Deshmukh and Graham Keegan came out to the site to help. We removed clods of compacted soil and shaped, mounded and sculpted the good soil left into growing beds, which will be sown in the Fall. On Monday, Bill came out again (rock on Bill!!) and Erik Knutzen came out as well. We finished section 1. There are 38 beds in all to cultivate - now 25 beds left to go!!

Big thank you to Community Recycling in Sun Valley for 70 tons of compost!!

More soon...


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  1. Bravo Tara. You're doing a great job. Can't wait to see that farm full of blossoming flowers.