Thursday, August 19, 2010

Progress at the new growing ground

Bonus day today at the new growing ground in Glassell Park. Laura Villasenor, Ronnie Faile, Jenny McNabb and I started section 2 and completed 3 beds in the blazing heat (thank goodness for a gorgeous breeze blowing through Hidden Canyon). The site is really taking shape.

BONUS!! A cover of crop of black eyed peas, inoculated to get that extra nitrogen, was sown in section 1 beds. It's late in the season to be sowing them but never mind. They'll start working this virgin soil for me before I get the flower crops in the ground next month or October (depends on the weather).

Thank you so much Ronnie, Jenny and Laura for braving the heat and dust today and clearing all those darn clods and making such beautiful beds! Jenny: you've got the touch down girl!! Your beds rock!!

With love, and petals to come,


In the foreground, crappy rocky clayey soil. In the background, dark, beautifully mounded, clod-free beds, enriched with compost and freshly sown with inoculated black eyed pea seeds as a cover crop. The first thing in the ground.

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