Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CSA SHARES available now !!

Spaces are available now for new shareholders to sign up for round 5 of CSA pick-ups in Silver Lake. Round 5 just started on Friday August 6. It is not too late to sign up.

CSA pick-ups in Silver Lake take place near the corner of Rowena and Hyperion between 3pm and 7pm every Friday.

It's a 10-week program ending Friday October 8.

As a shareholder you can pick up every week (weekly share) for 7 weeks beginning Aug 27th for a total of $175. ONLY 8 shares available now!

Or you can pick up every other week (bi-weekly share Track 2) starting Friday Aug 27th for a total of 4 pick-ups for $100. Only 1 share available now for Track 2.

Or you can pick up every other week (bi-weekly share Track 1) starting Friday September 3rd for a total of 3 pick-ups for $75. 9 shares available now on Track 1!

Payment is required upfront as a required show of commitment.

There are three local farmers involved: John Sweredoski grows all sorts of vegetables and greens, which he is famous for, in Bell Gardens. You might know him from the Echo Park Farmers' Market. He is pesticide-free. John also supplies fruit - mostly citrus and avocados.

Craig Underwood in Moorpark: We just started with Underwood and so far they've produced some amazing melons, heirloom tomatoes and radishes (see previous blog posts for the full list)

Silver Lake Farms: I supply the CSA with micro-greens grown by Rachel Klein and Bruce Chan, who happens to be a shareholder also.

All the produce is freshly picked for CSA pick-ups on Fridays.

Fresh local bread is also available, baked by a local artisanal baker on Friday mornings. Please contact me for more details. It's a separate program.

Shoot me an email at if you have any questions and would like to sign up.

Thank you !!



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