Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CSA Pick-up #2

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pick-up #2. No more plastic bags! I suggested to Farmer John that instead of sorting all the veggies at the farm into individual crates and bags per shareholder, he could save labor and plastic by filling crates by vegetable type - just like he would for market. We do the sorting at the pick-up point. Shareholders bring two reusable shopping bags and Beat (my husband), Spencer, John and Molly - a new volunteer - load them up. Now I have more room in the van. Hmmm, maybe I can fit a few more shareholders in the next program.

Something different. We had purslane in the box last week, among other greens. This week it's dandelion leaves, celery, lemon basil, red onions, carrots, squash blossoms, parsley, green onions, japanese cucumbers, baby spinach, romaine lettuce and broccoli. Farmer John says dandelion leaves are good for cleaning your blood and lowering blood pressure.

I leave for a road-trip up north for some veggie-growing inspiration.

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  1. LOL! Just reading this post now. Farmer John may be right that dandelion greens are good for cleaning your blood but they just taste awful! I can only eat a handful at a time, and when I mix it in with other things to hide them I end up pushing the dandelion greens aside. (Yes, my mother says I was an obstinate child). How else can I cook and eat them?