Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New CSA for Beachwood Canyon

Wow. CSA shareholders John and Tamara have been rallying for more families in their neighborhood in Beachwood Canyon to participate in community supported agriculture next year. The Allen and Pullman families are long-time supporters of the organic movement and local farming. John and Tamara come to Silverlake every week to pick up their veggies.

Thanks to John and Tamara, and local group leaders, we're now introducing a CSA pick-up point in the Beachwood / Belden area of Beachwood Canyon, and reaching out to potential shareholders there.

Heads up Beachwood Canyon! Freshly harvested, locally grown, organic vegetables fresh from the farm are coming your way - walking distance from your kitchen!

Thank you John and Tamara.

If you live in the Beachwood Canyon area and you're interested in signing up, here are the details for our CSA / pick-up there:

It's a 10-week program that connects you with two very local organic* farms: Sweredoski Farms, which is 15 miles away, and Silver Lake Farms.

Every week, CSA members pick up a $20 box of freshly harvested vegetables, delivered straight from the farm to the Beachwood/Belden area pick-up point. Pick-ups start mid-January. Exact day TBD but we think pick-up day will be Tuesdays.

To subscribe to the weekly pick-ups, purchase a share for $200 (10 weeks x $20). A limited number of shares is available. Bi-weekly option is available too for $100. The deadline to join/mail your check is 1/10/10.

Note: Silverlake CSA pick-ups resume for another 10 weeks as of January 8th. Deadline to join Silverlake pick-up is Jan 1.

contact Tara at or call 323-644-3700.

Thank you HHA and BCNA for supporting this local organic food initiative.

* We are not certified organic but that's how we do things.

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