Friday, December 18, 2009

What's in the box? pick-up #10

Lots of great conversations today. It's our last pick-up for the season. I'm really happy with what Farmer John gave us this week (see list below). We'll pick up again in the New Year - January 8th.

Thank you CSA'ers for making us a part of your lives these past 10 weeks, for introducing CSA pick-ups into your Friday routine, and for cooking and shopping around them. I love what Kelley does so she doesn't waste a thing. Storage of course has a lot to do with it - and please share your tips - but what Kelley likes to do is keep a reminder on her fridge door of what's in the week's box. When time comes to prepare a meal, the week's bounty has worked its way into her mental recipe book. She dreams up dishes faster. She crosses off veggies from the list as she uses them, so she knows what's left. Saves any of the week's veggies from going unused. Nice tip Kelley!

Thank you Bree and Spencer and John and Molly for volunteering your time to distribute veggies. You guys are fun! Thank you Beat for helping me lug. Thank you Farmer John for making it work. I'll see you CSA'ers on Jan 8th. Patti: good luck with the movie, Rosie: have a great time in Istanbul, Rebecca: have an amazing trip to the Golden Triangle. Sharon: good luck with your classes, Gia (supermom): we loved meeting you and the kids, Meredith: you in for a bi-weekly? And to everyone: you rock.

Here's what Farmer John had for us this week:

adult spinach
young lettuce (mix)
fresh garlic
kabocha / Japanese winter squash
curly kale

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